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JRSO Notice boards

A notice board is an excellent way of raising road safety awareness in your school. Your notice board should be in a place where it can be easily seen and it should display road safety notices, information and competitions.


  • Give your notice board a clear heading
  • Keep it simple
  • Present the information neatly and brightly
  • Change items on the notice board regularly 


JRSO Talks and Assembly Topics

From time to time you might be able to hold an Assembly with a road safety theme. This is a good way of updating the school on important road safety issues.


Topics you might like to consider:


  • Green Cross Code
  • Be Safe Be Seen
  • Holding Hands
  • Safe Places to Cross and Play
  • Seatbelts
  • Cycle Helmets
  • Vehicle Passenger Safety
  • Safer Cycling
  • Skateboarding and Skating
  • Bus Safety
  • Walk to School
  • Good Behaviour

Always plan and practise your talk or assembly and choose a topic which is suitable for the age of the children that you will be talking to.




 Everybody likes taking part in competitions and they are a great way of getting pupils in your school to think about road safety.


From time to time your local Road Safety Officer will send you details of a special competition, the JRSOs job is to share the information, inform everybody of the closing date, collect the entries and send them to the Road Safety Officer.


But, you can also arrange your own competitions:


                        Think about the type of competition you would like to arrange.

Ø      It could be a wordsearch, poem, story, quiz, poster or anything else you can think of.


                       Make sure it is simple.

Ø      Think about the age group you are aiming at and choose something they will like and will be able to 


Set a closing date and make sure each entry has name, age

and class written on the back.



Ø      The prize does not have to be big, it could be a pencil or ruler, but it would be good if the prize is something to do with road safety.


           You might be able to get a prize from the school, a local company or your local Road Safety Officer.


For competition ideas click on your area.