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The JRSO scheme enables pupils to take some responsibility for road safety in their own school area and helps them to pass important messages to their peers about keeping safe when they

are out and about.


Each year, 4 pupils are selected to act as JRSOs for their school; how they do this is up to each school. In some cases children

apply for the post and are interviewed by the previous year’s

JRSOs and the teacher/head teacher. Alternatively, the children either volunteer or are elected to the post.


Every JRSO is supported in their role by an adult at the school

and is also greatly helped by the JRSO Co-ordinator from the

Local Authority.


Above all, the JRSO scheme is a valuable contribution to road

safety in schools, the local community and Wales as a whole.

The scheme is informative and fun and the benefits to the JRSOs and to other pupils far outweigh the time allocated to the scheme.